A Review Of All Health Content - The New Private Label Rights Health Site

Thursday, November 1, 2012
As a member of several private label rights (PLR) sites, I was kind of skeptical of this new offering called All Health Content. The idea is to deliver only health content. The name says it all right?

The sales letter didn't sound too salesy or filled with too much hype and there were very few grammatical errors so that's a good sign.

This PLR site says it offers 30 health related articles a month, 10 recipes, 10 product reviews, health related affiliate program suggestions, a special report to offer as a bonus for subscribers to your list, and a members only forum.

So as a skeptic I signed up for All Health Content at http://www.allhealthcontent.com.

First impressions:

Compared to other sites where most of the articles are hard to read and need heavy editing because they are written by non-native English writers, All Health Content's articles are much better. You can actually read them and understand what you are reading instead of trying to figure out what the writer is trying to say. That's a good start.

The articles I browsed through were on timely subjects including anti aging, insomnia, weight loss tips and more. The product reviews are setup to be used for adding your affiliate links. Some recent product reviews included a review of Weight Watchers, the Low Glycemic Index diet, and a review of Suzanne Sommer's latest diet just to name a few.

If you run a health related blog, you can add some of these product reviews to your blog or you can start a health product review site.

A new addition is a monthly special report you can offer as a bonus to visitors to get them to signup to your list.

And support? Yes, I can personally attest to timely support turnaround times. Even if it happens to be at 3 AM. I got an email from support at 3 AM to verify my email address.

Cons of All Health Content:

The number of articles can be an issue since they are not all written about the same topic or keyword. You won't be able to start a 60 page content site in the first month. I did find one or two small errors in the articles so you still will have to read through before you use them.

When you put it all together you could do a lot worse than All Health Content especially when you compare this site to other PLR sites that offer up to 1,000 articles a month for $30 that need heavy editing. The quantity of content is a small issue but the quality makes up for it in my opinion.